Who we are

Founded in 2003, Fruto Consulting is an innovation-driven company focused on the creation of European innovative solutions along three business lines:

Nurturing innovative concepts

ranging from business modelling to corporate innovation strategy and in-depth studies

Accelerating access to funding

covering consultancy to private finance and public funding including proposal and project management,

Technical consultancy

including software applications, IT and smart systems.

Due to our understanding of specific technology areas we can contribute to commercialising technologies all the way from developing initial concepts through targeted research programmes to leading edge products. Our range of expertise and services enable us to tackle complex challenges in designing and managing innovation, as well as business modelling, strategic planning, programme management, information systems and online solutions.

The company has extensive partnerships with prestigious industrial and research centres and academic institutes operating in different scientific and technological fields. We also work with multinational companies, small and medium enterprises and public institutions across Europe and beyond its boundaries in South-Korea and Japan.

This network makes sure that our company can provide up-to-date solutions even in specific areas utilizing state-of-the art technology.

Our experts

dr Gábor BÁNDI - competence in EC, Structural Funds and national funds

Lawyer, graduated at the State Management College in 1997 and at the University of Pécs, Faculty of Law in 2004. He has been working in the field of EU project generation and management since 1995. He has broad experience with non-profit and for profit sector having worked as project manager for Innostart National Business and Innovation Centre dealing with nurturing innovative SMEs within the virtual incubator and Geonardo Ltd specialised in renewable technologies. He is also very experienced in the development and the preparation of different training materials for eLearning courses focusing on introducing the EC funding programmes and targeting domestic and international academic and business players. In the recent years he is more involved in the development projects of municipalities approaching structural and national funds.

Zsolt BOLLER - competence in finance

He has extensive, decades-long banking and financial experience in providing services for financing small and medium sized enterprises, large private and state companies. His expertise covers the broad spectrum of financial opportunities (including loans, loan guarantees, equity financing) for businesses to help their growth and competitiveness and to create a supporting organizational structures for their efficient operation. He has also considerable knowledge in the area of corporate risk assessment and management and the financial evaluation of innovative ideas and concepts. He effectively assists the clients design and develop their most appropriate business and financial model.

dr János HAMAR - competence in technical consultancy, concept validation, project implementation

Ph.D. from the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He has vast experience in interdisciplinary research and development between ICT & Energy areas including modelling, analysis, energy-optimal control and WEB-based supervision of electrical systems, intelligent, energy efficient power conversion systems including architectures and control, distributed electrical power converters: parallel and stand-alone operation, integration of renewable sources to improve energy efficiency: utilization of solar energy and waste energy sources (combined systems), agent based energy optimization solutions, distributed software systems - applications in power-flow management. Moreover, he is expert of development of software tools and WEB-based multimedia-rich applications (E-learning framework development as well as e-content for power electronics, drives and nonlinear systems), e-learning module design and development of virtual (remote) laboratories. Further, his expertise covers the extensively used technologies: client and server side Java, XML and its derived technologies, Web-services (WSDL and SOAP), databases (SQL), Macromedia Flash, HTML etc.

Having gained research and development experiences not only in Hungary but also in Germany and Japan, he is the member of the Electrical Engineering Committee of Hungarian Academy of Science and author of numerous scientific publications. He has initiated, coordinated and supervised numerous European (FP5, FP6, FP7, LLP, IEE) projects in the past years. He also contributes to EC project proposals: preparing excellence, technology and impact related sections, business planning, consortium building and internal evaluation of proposals. He has been invited to be periodic evaluator of national project proposals.

In the last years he was holding the position of Head of Information Technologies at MFKK Kft as well he works as the Associate Professor (formerly senior lecturer) at the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), Hungary.

Laszló JAKAB - competence in RF and signal processing

Achieved his MSc in Microwave engineering at the Department of Microwave Communications and Electromagnetic Theory, Budapest University of Technology and Economics. His main research fields are microwave remote sensing, electromagnetic sensors and conditioning electronics and signal processing. He specialized in receiver methods in low signal-to-noise ratio systems. Besides, he has experience in the development of radiofrequency communication systems as well as RF and microwave frontends.

In the last 9 years he has participated in 20+ R&D projects (FP6, FP7, H2020 and national projects) as research engineer. In the last years he also performed as technical coordinator of such projects.

Patrícia MÉREI - competence in EC proposal and project management, feasibility study, business planning

After completing National School of Public Administration and College of Finance in Budapest, Hungary she obtained her master degree in economics from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences and Public Administration and got Knowledge Transfer and Innovations Management Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration from Coventry University, UK. She is specialised in European proposal preparation, project implementation, project finance and audits and provider of training courses on EU Project Writing, EU Project Reporting and EU Project Finance. In the last 14 years she has been involved in a great number of European & national funded projects (FP5, FP6, FP7, H2020, ALTENER, LIFE, PHARE, AAL, INTERREG and structural funded and national projects) including tasks such as: preparing application for proposals, project management coordination and controlling, financial statements, preparation of reports. She is also experienced in national and international technology transfer and business incubation services and trainings. She has long managerial skills as she have been directly supervising staff of 15 and indirectly leading staff of 45+ as CFO and International Project Management Department at MFKK Kft. Earlier she worked as project manager at Innostart National Business and Innovation Centre and Coventry University Enterprises Limited in the UK.

Krisztina PALICSKA - competence in EC proposal and project management, feasibility study, business planning

Having attended the European Inter-University Institute, Italy/Catholic University Leuven, Belgium she got a European Master's Degree in Human Rights and Democratisation after obtaining a degree in history at the University of Miskolc, Hungary. She coordinated the Network Scholarship Program as well as the Human Rights and Government Grants at Open Society Institute and nurtured contacts with the representatives of universities and non-profit institutes situated in Eastern, Central and Southern Europe, the former Soviet Union and some Asian countries. She is familiar not only with the procedures of international funding bodies but also of the private technological applicants' side by being project manager at MFKK Kft. In the last years she has been responsible for the management of numerous national and international research and innovation projects funded by FP7, H2020, ALTENER, AAL, Grundtwig and structural funded and national projects with focus on preparing feasibility studies, business plans and reporting.

Tibor RÓNASZÉKI - competence in IPR management

Patent attorney, chartered mechanical engineer. He was among the first ones in Hungary who obtained specialist engineering degree in innovation and intellectual property. He has continually expanding experience in the management of intellectual property rights (IPR) back to 1985. He is also excellent in leading innovative projects. He usually gives presentations on the opportunities of protecting IPRs and the integration of the company IPR policy in the business strategy at different trainings, conferences and workshops targeting the owners of innovative concepts.

Tamás SÉRA - managing director, competence in technical consultancy, concept validation

Having attended Budapest University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science he got an MSc in Engineering and Computer Science Software Developer Engineer then studied MBA in Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Management, Coventry University, UK. He has experience in software planning and technology, programming and system integration (AX 2009 & 2012, X++, SQL, Microsoft .NET, C#, Enterprise Portal, SRSS, SharePoint, LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS). He implemented projects for well-known industrial players such as Magyar Telekom (formerly Hungarian Telecommunication Company), Danone, Unicredit Group Information Services, Qualysoft and Electrolux as well as he lead the e-learning team of LSI IT Learning Centre.

Cecília STRASSZNÉ BÁNKI - competence in health care system, clinical studies and trials

After completing BsC, she obtained her master degree as a qualified nurse from the University of Pécs, Faculty of Health Sciences (Hungary). She has experience in academic research as a PhD student at the Institute of Human Behavioral of the Medical Faculty. She has experience in human resource management from 2003 to 2007 in the Dept. of Oncology of Univ. of Pécs as leading nurse and quality assurance manager. She was involved in a labor market survey as a project leader at the Institute for Basic and Continuing Education of Health Workers. She attended several clinical trials as a study coordinator and a CRA at the Ominis Research Ltd. Based on her basic and postgraduate education and her working experience she has knowledge in many field of health care system.

"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." Napoleon Hill

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